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Chiangrai Ferrari


Handmade weaved Chiangrai Ferrari
Through dating back on human histories, there was actually one thing that was invented by human long times ago, “weaving”. Though it was created in ancient time, but certain evidence was not found, only the traces of weaving on pottery from the prehistoric time which proved that human may be able to create weaving since prehistoric, past and until present time.
From my absurd aesthetic point of view, figuratively, human society was not so different from basketwork since our individuals were under control of some systems that were formed into context and some patterns. Other individuals were overlapped with ours, combined into ourselves and then transformed and adjusted ourselves occasionally.

My piece of absurdity is the intention to express my inner reality that was overlapped and covered with my old-fashioned and ingenuous approach. Old memories and experiences were demolished and rebuilt with way of design. I have used the antiquated handicraft to explain the changes and growth of capitalist world that we are all stuck in right now. An error or defect of handicraft may seem to be wrong in the industrial view of capitalism nowadays, however, this error also represented the value of human being rather than attempt for perfection by modern machine and technology. Anon's pieces of art act as a re-embodiment of human being in this world of ambiguity.

Blurring some part of reality, there is an independent space for me and audience to sense the details that had been disembodied and re-embodied once again.

Sensing the handicraft with same old experiences has brought me create this artwork. I decided to work with local weavers by giving the freedom of working style that was different from the norm of daily work of weaving baskets. I decided to use supercar, the symbol represented upper class society, for handmade weaving by local weavers from Chiang Rai, and some of them may have never seen the real supercar eventually, only through television or online channels that they can get the sense of it. By working on what they are good at with irregular objects in their daily routine reflected the interest in imagination on the world they have never traveled to.

Locality, which is far from the city and consumerist luxury, covered not only Chiang Rai.

Through my working experiences, which consist of capitalist world that I’m living in, I have seen a product that was produced by one group of people and consumed by another group of people who can afford it. And the distance of product transportation becomes greater and greater, therefore, development of social quality mainly depends on the economic growth. Handmade weaved Ferrari was not related to any car design at all, the context around the object being run over interest for this work. As the local weavers exercise their expertized skills, they can fulfill the overlooked identities by society, with true value in themselves. Being old-fashioned in urban area sometimes was forgotten from developments in locality. Creating Ferrari with imaginations improved the communication and discussion in local area, for instance how the real Ferrari will be like, the weaver weaved and imagined the ideal Ferrari at the same time. Though this

Ferrari has no driving or moving capability, but it improved the discussion on contemporary work in local area. Even though the self- confidence was limited by technology through modern industrial production techniques but it seems nothing for the weaver, since the weaver can live with lack of modernization though it may not be that comfortable. Some materials, which cannot be the same as the real car’s material, were replaced with simple materials like wood or bamboo scrap, or even plastic parts from billboard in neighborhood area, etc. Every issue was solved according to Chiang Rai’s context. Handmade weaved Ferrari is just like the re-imagination for both materials and local weavers.

Considering handmade weaving carefully, it is just the cross of one over another rattan, over and over, and were tighten together to become some patterns for some structure, with the roles and objectives.

This is just like the human society system that everyone was living together under some rules and agreement, combined as bond for living to be social structure, which need to be strong enough for private individuality as well. The overlap exists for balancing the control of individual freedom, however, that freedom must be under the same purpose of society. In this distorted world like today, social and governance structure empower only the interests of some people, so we cannot see the visibility, or aware what’s right or wrong, because the existing structure may not be created with real stability and equality. The uncertainty in my work is focusing on the story-telling of uncertainty that existing in my work also, and that uncertainty, however, is the simple certainty for confessing that the nonsense in this world is so uncertain for developing the better society together.

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