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SYNC, 2015


Every day, human wake up to face situations that we would never know about. Each situation makes us take some actions and, surely, we all expect those actions cause good results. Every action we take or every hope we make, there will be disappointment staying alongside and this makes me often ask myself that it happen by accident or it happen on purpose of destiny. Human may not know anything so well even about themselves or their own thought at the minute they read. The best thing is to expect less, be curious, open minded and open your heart to every possibility that is coming. This will not only lead you to new experiences, but also create a distance between yourself and disappointment. Because of all these, I begin to create my pieces of art, "Expectations in unexpected."

As an artist, every time I face an empty canvas, I manage my curiosity about each situation and transform it into each color which is poured onto the empty canvas. To create an art that tell its story, it’s unavoidable to expect its complete image as I has been imprisoned with the rule of hope and expectation. In contrast, without this rule, what would happen?
I put down my brushes and randomly poured colors over the canvas according to my feeling at that moment. Without a desire for any perfection in meaning or in beauty, I approximate an amount of “properness of action” and I prefer to ‘wait and see’ all the colors behave them altogether as if my art and I share a freedom space together. The more color behave freely or negotiate independently together without expectation, the more surprising result I have discover.

While working on these art pieces, the moment that the colors fill in the emptiness of the canvas, my brain consider their pattern which seem like an illusion occur without any purpose. This remind me of Carl Gustav Jung’stheory about "meaningful coincidences" which occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related. In other word, “Synchronicity”

Having an opportunity to create an independent space between audience and I, feelings that emerge may be the same or different depending on each person’s experience. Therefore, the space that diverse meaning, world being and human being overlap to create an intersection are created. Pieces of art that contain diversity of meaning might be ‘non sense’ for someone and ‘make sense’ for another one indifferent to the society that we live in these day; situation we face or news head line people make can possibly be the truth, the trick or even the illusion. Because each person perceive things differently, vision of people are dissimilarity which make us lose our capability of distinguishing reality and fantasy.

Intellect and imagination are needed in order to understand theworld that we live in – in different to art.

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