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A New God, 2015


According to the various beliefs of religion, how can we be sure that we believe in the right one? If we choose to believe in a wrong god, would we go to hell after death? If the god was really existed, why would he let this world full of vice and badness?

Nowadays, the world of ‘capitalism’ builds up ‘materialism’ and we accept that without realizing. Some materials have influence over people’s appearance and performance as we create our own semiotic by selecting look intentionally. Therefore, that look, cloth, and bag become our new boss and our ‘new god’ implicitly. Gradually, that thing became a new owner of its owner that indicates wealthy and prosperity which built up the word ‘privilege’ for its owner. Eventually, all these process leads to a society of discrimination and human bow to ‘A new God’.

In an era that trading Buddhist sculpture is a kind business and materialism is a symbol of humanity’s value, hi-end marble carved bags are made in one of the marble Buddhist sculpture carving factory in Thailand. These pieces of art are only parts of marble or graven images or sacred items. It’s us who make an answer.

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