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Bigger Than Life, 2017

“Bigger Than Life” in an interesting work of Anon, originated from the sack of rice as well.He sewed sheets of canvas as a large bag and made surface resembling that of rice sack by painting with acrylic paint in size bigger than one time of the hemp sack. The bag is filled fully and hung on the wall, questioning to viewers on its size and weight and if inside it is filled with real rice. The artist gave precedence to material in the past of bag containing rice, made of hemp produced from industrial system in the past, implying to the change in production of packaging material from hemp. Based on evidence, it was found that in 1927, Thailand ordered sacks valued 9 million Baht from growth and higher demand of rice. So, the government established a plant weaving hemp sack as the first time in 1952. But, at present, the hemp sack is replaced with that of synthetic plastic fibers due to the lower cost of production. And the brown lined pattern on the canvas resembling weaving of hemp fibers may represent labor system combined with aesthetics of art. The artist also discovered that green printed stripe allows alignment of sacks be in row or grid helping in alignment to be orderly.

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