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No Noisy Clapper, 2017

It was “new politics” against “old politics.”
Few years ago, Thailand’s long-running anti-government protests used to freely and casually run their protests
...It was the sound of thousands of protesters waving their must-have accessories, foot-shaped plastic rattles, in lurid colours, which clatter loudly when shaken.
"Plastic clappers" a must-have item for Thai protesters: Everyone could use it to cheer for a rock band, take it to the mall or, why not, try to overthrow the government — the latest must-have among Thailand’s protesting crews are a plastic, hand-shaped clapper.
It was the latest choice of weapon of anti-government demonstrators to noisily put their messages across. But ,nowadays, we are not allow to create any voice in politic. Undeniably, this "plastic clapper" turns to be just a memorial object that have been forgotten.

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