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2016 - Souvenir From Depression

Souvenir, a reminder from the past that is related to some stories, people, places, and cultures reflecting a history, is a gateway to memories. Depression is variance in terms of whether or a state of suffering that can be associated with economic depression.

The exhibition title, “Souvenirs from Depressions”, is inspired by the artist’s state of mind while traveling around Southeast Asia for work. The experience he encountered during a rapid change of the economy that seems contrastive to the ASEAN slow life style, hence the affect on people’s mentality. “Souvenir” is generally made as a representation of jubilant moments yet the artist feels that we are suppressing our sufferings. The question is raised if the souvenir is a history recorder for the future, therefore the collaboration between Anon Pairot and the community took place. Their feelings, identities, attitudes, and experiences are expressed to contribute the art works reflecting the depression.

Being one of the most visited tourist destinations, Chiang Mai undoubtedly produces a large number of souvenirs. Anon Pairot is proud to present an exhibition, “Souvenirs from Depressions”, at Gallery Seescape in Chiang Mai. The exhibition collects the “souvenirs” from economic depression along with the country condition; catastrophe, political pressure and country alteration that cause the decrease of happiness. This collection reflects the feelings of communities, locals and local entrepreneurs as a reminder of this contemporary era together.

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