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2007 - ENDLESS

Landscape Tableware Endless is the result of expressing the concept of “boundary” and “no boundary” through porcelain ceramic tableware. Food wares are commonly designed in similar shapes, either round or square, came in collection varied by size, and arranged on the table in traditional style. Then the design of Endless focuses on the use of space on the table and differentiated arrangement. Designed in free form shape, the curves are allowed to be attached together without space in between; therefore, Endless can be applied to a very small space like on a table for two to a big area like party table depending on the users' creativity. Not only the feature can bring a big dish for variety of cuisine, Endless is suchlike a small landscape which is another aesthetic element on your table. Individual piece is designed for fit in human hand and body ergonomic. Made from Porcelain Ceramic.

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