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2008 - REEEF

Imperfect of Nature There are millions of design pieces that deliberately produce and control every process to make the outcome 100% perfect, but we usually forget to look at the nature of material. This question raised when I took a trip at the beach. I looked at reef that it wasso rough, but why did we always intentionally design something perfect. Then I tried producing furniture with casting technique that I did not design how it looked before, just made its proportion and size fit to sit. For the surface, I just leave the way it is, less of industrial finishing. Reef that I use as my inspiration is the point that when people go to the beach, why do they always sit and walk on the reef, and how is it attractive? I think the importance is the feeling they have that different from sitting on office seat or at home. I then pass on this impressive feeling by using Reeef. I think it’s challenging to bring natural being and unintended beauty together. Is it a sculpture or furniture?

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