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Year: 2009

Magic, spell, witch all are from imaginary of human ape, and that’s the tales, however magician create their magic trick to bamboozle audience like disappear bird in their hat or chop a human into 2 but Anon Pairot’s inspired to start his new project called “Cast Magic” from that performance so he made a new ass-rest by using that trick but he cannot make it that far, he put a rope over a chair, put the chair off and mould it with brass or aluminum until rope in the shape of chair is the rest, and make it look a rope buoy on the air and nothing like an enchanted rope

Aluminum casting

Material : Aluminum

Color : Natural Aluminum color with selection of high gloss or semi high gloss finishing

Dimension :
Invisible Chair S1 : L56 x W60 x H82

Invisible Chair S2 : L56 x W60 x H82

Invisible Chair S3 : L56 x W60 x H82
Invisible Round Stool : L51 x W47 x H45
Invisible Square Stool : L65 x W56 x H45

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