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2009 - STONE

Tropical Craft Chair Imagine backward to stone-aged while you are trying hook up a fish with your bare hand in a shallow river for hours. Finally you got it! You come relax and sit tight on a rock beside the riverbank put that poor fish bleeding on another rock while his friend trying to fire a fire with simple material around there. Then turn back to 21st century, could you remember that feeling in your depth of DNA? From this simple idea, Anon Pairot designs his new project based on human habit that demand to do things simply like those 2 guys in the past. He bring out a chair as a rock by using funky material like wood and put the primitive sense in it to make it look backward eras ago. However, it still uses new techniques like using machine to hash it up and assemble exquisite craftsmanship to make consumer feel human sense in it. Color, with immortal and wisely classic color like smoked brown or grey-brown which is color of Lanna (Thai traditional tribal on the northern area) could make it simply look in harmony with many atmosphere in tropical tone and warm style more than fashion style though it is not a hip color. “What should be the first furniture in the world?” The first common thing for me is the nature like woods or rocks. I used this inspiration for the design of furniture in reversed view point. I looked at the simple materials, production, shapes, and usages in the Tropical Zen.

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